Two Interesting Side Games To Spice Up Your Golf League

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If you're like a lot of league golfers out there, you may occasionally enjoy putting a little money on your golf skills. Betting on the lowest score for the round, or who wins the hole, can get somewhat dull and boring. Here are two alternatives that can spice up your golf leagues with a few inventive side wagers.

Bingo Bango Bongo

Bingo Bango Bongo is a golf betting game that is scored using three sets of criteria for scoring points. Each individual player can make a wager, or you can pair up in teams.

There are 4 ways to score points playing Bingo Bango Bongo:

1. First player to reach the green

2. Player who gets their ball closest to the hole

3. The player who is first to sink their putt

4. Player with the fewest strokes on the hole

The first golfer to get their ball on the green gets a point, or Bingo. The player in the group who is the nearest to the hole on approach, gets a point and this is referred to as Bango. Finally, the golfer who holes out his putt first gets the final point called Bongo.

The golfer with the fewest strokes on the hole, or low score, gets 2 additional points. If two or more players tie, then no points are awarded for winning that hole.

At the end of the round, the golfer with the most points wins the pot. Players can all contribute individually for singles play, or monies can be pooled with the winning team splitting the winnings.

Bingo Bango Bongo is an excellent game to help you perfect important parts of your golf game. It incorporates some of the most essential skills in golf; accuracy to the green, closeness to the pin, and fewest putts per hole.


While more complicated than Bingo Bango Bongo, Wolf is one of the classic betting 2-on-2 formats in golf. Wolf's primary appeal is the individual side bets that play out on every hole.

Since it requires alternating pairs of two golfers, Wolf requires a foursome. Driving order is set by some arbitrary method like age, birthday, alphabetical order, or drawing of straws.

Once the order is established on the first hole, it rotates each subsequent hole. This means the golfer designated the Wolf alternates, since the Wolf is always the last golfer to tee-off.

The first golfer tees off and the Wolf has the choice of choosing that golfer for their teammate on that hole. If the Wolf passes on the first golfer, then the second in order tees-off.

If the Wolf does not like the drive of the second golfer, then the third will hit their drive. The Wolf does not have to select any of the three golfers, and can choose to go it alone. If the Wolf decides to play the hole solo, then it will be played 3 against 1, with double points to the winner.

After the Wolf picks their partner for the whole, or elects to go it alone, then the team with the single lowest stroke total for that hole wins. Strokes are not added together; it is the single individual winner who earns the point for that hole for his or her team.

There are some other interesting side wagers you can use in your golf league, but these two involve some inventive scoring that can make every hole a unique challenge. Spice up your golf league and try playing a round using Bingo Bango Bongo or Wolf. Contact a company like Beaver Creek Golf Course for more information.