Basketball Picks: Sleeper Playoff Values

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As the NBA regular season comes to an exciting close, looking for playoff sleepers can make the postseason more exciting and profitable.

Here are some basketball picks to consider when you're looking for NBA playoff sleepers.

Sleeping Giants

Although the NBA championship is typically won by a top-seeded team, the current model of load-management and major trades can quickly upset the balance of the NBA hierarchy. These basketball picks probably won't cost you very much, but could represent major value if they happen to make a deep NBA playoff run.

  • Might be a Good Playoff Sleeper: The New Orleans Pelicans have been without their franchise superstar, Zion Williamson, all season. With the Lakers, Blazers, and Clippers fading, the Pelicans now find themselves with a legitimate shot at the playoffs. If they can make it into the playoffs, they will be a tough opponent for the top-seeded Suns.
  • Boring Playoff Sleeper: Another sleeper to consider when looking for basketball picks is the Utah Jazz. Unlike the Pelicans, the Jazz have been hovering in the middle of the pack all year. Because the Jazz have been good but not great for the past few years, most betters overlook them when making playoff bets. Look for the Jazz to be a tough out for teams like the Warriors or Mavericks.
  • ​Mercurial Playoff Contender: When the Philadelphia 76ers traded Ben Simmons for James Hardin, the whole Eastern Conference playoff landscape was completely upended. Although the 76ers have looked good against bad teams, but not great against good teams, many basketball picks are failing to appreciate the potential of this super-squad.
  • Super Team Potential: Another team to consider when making NBA playoff basketball picks is the Brooklyn Nets. With Kyrie Irving able to finally play full-time and Kevin Durant rested and ready to go, the Nets could easily upset the # 1 or # 2 seeds in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Because many casual betters are likely to place wagers on the Nets, wait to make your basketball picks after the Nets lose a few consecutive games. Timing your basketball picks to capitalize on the skepticism around this team can help you get better odds on a major playoff run.

Hedging Your Bets

Another strategy to consider when making NBA basketball playoff picks involves hedging your bets for the championship. To hedge your bets, you need to bet on a team to win the championship, while also making another pick that the team will lose. Although this strategy might seem illogical, if you can grab great odds on both outcomes, you can virtually guarantee that you will make money.