3 Tips For Arming Yourself Online

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More and more consumers are turning the the Internet for their shopping needs. Gun dealers are taking advantage of the global market provided by the Internet, and they are listing their weapons for sale on the web. Purchasing a gun online allows you to secure the best deal possible, but it also comes with some unique challenges.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure you are able to successfully arm yourself by purchasing a gun online.

1. Research the weapon you are considering purchasing online.

Before you make an online purchase, it can be beneficial to research the weapon that you are considering. Gather information about the rarity of the weapon to help you determine its value so that you know if you are paying a fair price.

Scroll through online forums detailing what you should be looking for as you examine the specific make and model of the weapon you want to buy so that you can conduct a thorough examination that will allow you to determine whether the parts are original, whether the gun has sustained serious damage, and whether the damage is reflected in the asking price for the weapon.

2. Conduct a thorough visual inspection of the weapon.

Although you will not be able to hold the weapon in your hands when  making an online purchase, you can still conduct a thorough visual inspection by asking the seller to send you multiple photographs and videos.

If you are unable to see a certain part of the weapon in the photos the seller has included in the listing, send a message asking for visual confirmation. You should also ask to see video footage of any used weapons being fired so that you know they are in working order. A reputable seller will be happy to provide you with the visual information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

3. Establish a relationship with a Federal Firearms Licensee.

It's important to realize that if you are purchasing a weapon on the web, you may not be able to have the gun shipped directly to you. Federal law prohibits gun dealers and private sellers from shipping weapons to regular buyers across state lines. Instead, the weapon must be shipped to someone with a Federal Firearms license, and the licensee can then give the weapon to you.

Be sure to contact your local ATF field office for a list of Federal Firearms Licensees in your area, then coordinate with a licensee for the shipment of your online weapons purchases.

Knowing how to navigate the online buying process will help you successfully build an arsenal of weapons that are uniquely suited to meet your firearms needs.If this seems like too difficult of a process for you, though, keep in mind that there are likely many local sellers, such as Wilcox Bait Tackle, that can offer you options as well.