Factors To Evaluate When Shopping For A Tactical Flashlight For Home Security

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Tactical flashlights, most commonly used by police and military personnel, are also available to members of the public. Known for their bright output and lightweight design, a tactical flashlight can serve as a valuable light around the house for power outages, but it can also be a potent ally if you ever hear an intruder in your home. The bright lumen rating of the flashlight means that you'll be able to temporarily disorient the intruder, giving you adequate time to escape your home and call the authorities. When shopping for a tactical flashlight for this intended use, here are some factors to evaluate.

Button Position

Whereas standard flashlights often have their on/off buttons placed along the body, the button placement on tactical flashlights is commonly different. In this style of light, you'll find models in which the button is on the butt of the handle. This position is ideal because it allows you to handle the light at shoulder or neck height with an overhand grip, while easily accessing the button with your thumb. Holding the light in this manner means that you can aim the beam directly at the face of any intruder. If you have a light with a standard-placement button, you're typically holding it lower, which means it might not be as effective for shining in the person's eyes.

Light Sequences

Many tactical flashlights offer more than just on/off capabilities. In some models, you'll turn the light on with one press of the button, turn it off with a second and then activate the light again with a third. This time, however, the light will flash to spell S-O-S in Morse code. While you might not actually need to summon someone with Morse code, the rapidly blinking sequence of the light can also serve to disorient an intruder while you make your escape, especially if the light is aimed in his or her face at the time.

Tip Design

The tip of the flashlight directly in front of the lens can have various styles when you're shopping for a tactical light. The tips of some tactical flashlights have ridged or even spiked designs. This allows you to use the flashlight as a self-defense tool in the event that you need to hit the intruder to safely escape the home. Again, you should be holding the light with an overhand grip and swinging it in a downward manner.

Keep these ideas in mind when looking to buy tactical flashlights.