Awarding Top Team Players With Trophies

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If you are a baseball team coach, you may have considered giving out awards to honor those players on your team who go above and beyond while practicing and playing their game. Most baseball players enjoy being recognized when they do a superior job. Consider hosting a ceremony at the end of the season to show off the team players who had impressed you the most with their abilities on the field and at bat. Trophies can be given out, making the players work hard at trying to obtain an award for their hard work throughout the season. Here are some ideas you can use when hosting this type of event.

Announce The Ceremony

At the beginning of the season, announce to all players that there will be an award ceremony at the end of the last game. This will give players an incentive to work hard throughout the season, trying to better their top scores and times as they play each game. Indicate there will be trophies given out to the best players so they can work hard at trying to be one of the ones who receive one.

Boost Spirits With Encouragement

As the season plays out, keep tallies of the number of balls hit, number of bases stolen, and number of home runs each player obtains throughout the season. Encourage team players who are not at the top of the score charts with some friendly banter about them having a shot at the prize if they improve their game. Knowing they may have a chance can help them to perform better overall. Give praise to all players in the running for the prize during each practice session. Positive encouragement to all who are on your team will help increase morale and make the players more likely to try their best in anticipation of a chance in being recognized.

Host The Event

On the day of the event, set up a microphone and podium in the middle of the baseball field at the end of the last game of the season. Have tables set up in the dugout or along the sidelines with finger foods and beverages so those attending can mingle while anticipating the names of the winners. Have one of the spectators or a team mascot help out by reading the names of the winners into the microphone so it is heard over the loudspeaker.

Give A Great Award

Present trophies to the top players complete with the players' names, the season year, and the reason for the award. In addition to a take-home trophy, consider giving the winner a gift certificate for a local movie or dinner so they can celebrate their victory with friends and family. These gifts will hold a special place in the hearts of each of the recipients and they will be sure to look at their trophies often in remembrance of the great job they had done on the field or at bat.

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