Three Factors To Consider Before You Choose A Golf Instructor

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Golf is a game that you can play for decades to come, but your enjoyment of this sport often relies on your ability on the links. Although getting out and playing can build your aptitude, a better approach is to hire a professional golf instructor (like those at Monticello Country Club) for some lessons. Whether you're totally new to the game or are someone who wants to shave a few strokes off his or her round, an instructor can often be the difference between quitting golf and playing it for the rest of your life. Factors such as the instructor's rates and accreditation are important to consider, but there are three other factors to investigate before you hire someone to help you with your game.

Use Of Video

Present-day golf instructors who don't use technology to help their students often find themselves a stroke behind the competition. Many instructors use video swing analysis to break down your swing in order to identify potential issues, show you where you're making a mistake and provide the education needed to change your stroke. You'll take a few practice shots in front of the camera and the instructor will use the video and some golf-specific software to analyze your mechanics. Working with a teacher who uses this modern tool gives you the ability to better understand—and see—your swing and is an important factor to consider when looking for an instructor.

Available Resources

If you're really serious about improving your skill as a golfer, it's ideal to partner with a golf instructor who has direct access to a team that can provide other resources. For example, many golf instructors closely align themselves with a club fitter who can measure you for new clubs that fully meet your body type and level of skill. Upper-tier golf instructors often have a team that includes a sports nutritionist, sports psychologist and a personal trainer. While you might not need to make use of these additional resources immediately, the availability of these resources speaks volumes about the instructor and his or her connections.

Real-World Teaching

Some golf instructors provide their lessons at a local driving range, but it's ideal to seek out a teacher who can provide real-world teaching by walking alongside you while you play the game. Theoretical instruction on the driving range is beneficial, but you'll notice a rapid improvement in your golfing fundamentals when you're able to put them into practice on the tee box, fairway, sand trap and green of a golf course.