What Is The Dress Code For Most Golf Courses?

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If you are thinking about playing golf, then you need to invest in golf apparel. It important to feel comfortable and look good while on the golf course. Your clothing is also important because many golf courses have a dress code. Read on to find out what clothing you need to meet the requirements.


Most golf courses require men to wear collared shirts. This means any traditional microfiber, polyester, or cotton golf shirt. Some courses also allow the modern-style golf shirts with the turtleneck-style collar.

The style of golf shirts for women tend to vary, but still has a traditional look. You can wear tops with and without collars. However, tank tops and t-shirts are not allowed for women or men.


Men are allowed to wear long pants or dress shorts. The pants are usually made of a polyester blend or cotton. The shorts should have flat or pleated front. Some courses are a little more lenient and may allow men to wear jeans.

Women are allowed to wear a variety of bottoms, such as skirts, dress shorts, long trousers and capris. These bottoms are also made with a cut pleat on the side or front to allow for motion with your golf swing. However, women are not allowed to wear certain clothing, such as basketball or running shorts, workout clothing or jeans.


It is a requirement to wear shoes in most public establishments. Footwear is also important for your game. Golf shoes help stabilizes a player's swing, provide traction for walking and comfort for long hours of standing.

Spikes are also located on the sole of the shoes. Golf courses require that you wear soft spikes, which should be made of plastic or rubber. You are not allowed to wear boots, street shoes, or sandals.


Most courses do not require you to wear a certain type of socks. However, it is unspoken etiquette that requires you to wear socks that compliment your outfit. You can choose from a variety of styles, but most golfers wear ankle length socks.

Socks are also important to your game. They help keep your feet dry and comfortable. It is distracting to your game when your feet are sweating and hurting.  

Clothing plays a big role in this sport. Golf follows a certain style and standards when it comes to what you wear on the course. It always help to check with the course's management about dress code.

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